Presences of Jazz In All My Holy Mountain    

Jazz and Poetry
Featuring poet Roger Garfitt and the John Williams Septet

Presences of Jazz
All the great jazzmen have a voice, a sound so personal that two or three notes are enough for us to recognise them……… voices that become part of the texture of our lives, raising the roof in our celebrations and keeping us company in our solitudes……friendly ghosts ….. presences of jazz.

Poet Roger Garfitt joins John Williams to tell some of the stories behind the music and to invoke some of its most haunting voices from the dark resonances of Sidney Bechet’s clarinet to Miles Davis’ muted trumpet.  We catch an echo from the strange meeting of Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke as one moved toward lifelong fame and the other to an early death.  We glimpse some of the many aspects of Duke Ellington, a dandy whose music was as dazzling as his pearl-grey suits.  And we will listen as the Yardbird, Charlie Parker, issues his challenge to the world in “Parker’s Mood”

Presences of Jazz was a sell out at the Ledbury Poetry Festival and was performed at the Soho Jazz Festival.  A performance in Shropshire was broadcast live by the B.B.C. for their Music Live Festival.

“We are thrilled that it was such a success.”   Director,   Ledbury  Poetry Festival

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