Presences of Jazz In All My Holy Mountain    

Jazz and Poetry
Featuring poet Roger Garfitt and the John Williams Septet

Described as ‘the most eloquent and integrated Jazz and Poetry work yet devised’ IN ALL MY HOLY MOUNTAIN is the result of a remarkable collaboration between musical director John Williams, poet Roger Garfitt and composer Nikki Iles.

The score makes full use of the varied resources provided by John Williams’ all star septet:-
A flute plays over two bass clarinets and brings in ‘the luminous shadow of an Atlantic calm….’ recorder, trumpet and accordion turn a wedding breakfast into a gentle dance, ‘such bright music of silver on china they might have been at a table in the halls of heaven….’ A poet echoes an ancient Welsh lament for men lost in battle and the cries of the hunt rise around him, the drums wild ‘with the heel-springs of the deer….’

Commissioned by the Arts Council of England,  IN ALL MY HOLY MOUNTAIN tells the story of the novelist Mary Webb reaching it’s climax with ‘Gone To Earth’ which she wrote during the First World War. The atmospheric score is the perfect counterpart to Roger Garfitt’s poems, taking elements from the English folk tradition and giving them a powerful new jazz identity. The texture continually varies so that sometimes the poet’s voice is heard against the rhythm section, sometimes with a solo instrument, and often against the whole band as it rises to the words and takes flight. IN ALL MY HOLY MOUNTAIN is much more than a setting of poems, it is a jazz suite in six movements, a compelling score that clearly fires the band and draws the best from some of our finest soloists.

In All My Holy Mountain   Click the Sax to hear an mp3 of a live performance of ‘In all My Holy Mountain’ (6mb) (if you can't play the extracts you may need to download the latest version of Windows Media Player from


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